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Why Remote Sales Team?

As COVID-19 impacted businesses, companies around the world have switched over to Working From Home (WFM) model. Virtual sales meeting will be the new norm.

Take advantage of the new norm.


While lowering your hiring cost by up to 80%.

Problems with local sales team in current climate.

A local sales team simply doesn't do well in the current climate. These are exactly why businesses are failing.


    Experienced sales talent isn't cheap when hiring locally. 


    Your local sales team are not trained in securing appointments during current working from home climate.


    Salespeople are hard to find. There is a lack of sales talents in your local market.


    The ROI may be less than ideal for a local sales team at this moment. Salary is high, but purchasing power has dropped.

How our remote sales team outperform locals.

Hire talents that are a fraction of the cost of locals, but equipped with skills & tools that outperform locals in the world of

virtual sales meetings.

Cost Savings

A remote sales team member salary is up to 80% lower than your local hires.

  • Large pool of talents: Talents that not expensive, works full-time & committed to their job.

  • Highly motivated: Remote sales team are hungry for sales as they are commission driven.

  • Fixed cost: Forget about office cost, travel expenses or other office expenses. They don't exist with remote sales team.


When you are armed with a team of low-cost, highly motivated salespeople, accelerated growth happens.

  • Large pool of talents: Gain access to highly experienced remote candidates that specialises in selling your kind of product.

  • No timezone issues: Hire talents that works for any timezone. Get around-the-clock sales coverage.

  • Fast & low-cost hiring: Remote sales team are fast to hire, cheap to maintain.

Sales Driven

Remote sales team are highly motivated as they are commission driven, which is perfect for sales.

  • Commission incentivise: Remote sales team members are driven by commission to exceed your sales target. That's essentially your goal.

  • Equipped with remote sales processes: We will ensure that your remote sales team will be equipped with trackable processes.

  • Fully trained on prospecting: Our remote sales team hires will undergo virtual prospecting strategies & equipped with tools.


Check out what some of our clients got to say about us!

Wee Li

Fragrance Foodstuff Pte Ltd

$0 - $1m export sales in 12 months

“As a local food manufacturer, we have been dependent on local market and had little exposure to export market. introduced a model that allows us to work with highly skilled talents that prospects & closed sales orders for our company. We had never thought about running our own remote sales team and this was made possible only with After working with our remote sales team for more than 3 months, we started to see new export orders coming in and got up to $1,000,000 worth of new orders from purchasers around the world in 12 months.”

Han Wei

Y-Wa Business Solutions Pte Ltd

40-48 appointments per month!

“We have depended on Google & Social Media ads to generate leads for the last 3 years. Our local team was doing about 3-4 appointments per week. We were introduced to and was initially skeptical. After some intensive discussion, we decided to invest on their services. The results we astonishing. Our remote sales team were doing 10-12 meetings every week, approximately 3x more than our local team members. Best part - appointments were all self prospected. We were literally blown away by the effectiveness and the support provided by They were amazing.”

Elgin Ong

Rhinovo Pte Ltd

300% revenue growth in 3 months

“As a industrial equipment supplier, our main source of customers comes from our local market. On top of that, most of the sales comes from our returning customers, referrals and some from digital marketing. We know that sales prospecting is needed to grow our sales, but it’s tough to find a local who is suited for outbound sales. With, they have hired 3 capable & motivated remote sales team members, trained them up for prospecting and also help to digitize my sales processes for the remote world. The results - $300,000 in 6 months. Salary was a fraction of my local team. It’s really unbelievable.”

We ensure you have a successful remote sales team.

An All Inclusive Remote Hiring


  • Access over 500,000 remote sales candidates

  • Technology driven recruitment process

  • End-to-end candidates qualifying process (human)

  • Industry, product specific hiring process

  • Accelerated hiring process for fast team building


  • Remote team consultation & kick-starter

  • Setup remote communications system

  • Systemise remote team onboarding & learning process

  • Establish sales & performance tracking system.

  • Automated remote deal closing & payment system.


  • Comprehensive sales prospecting training

  • Inclusive of learning management system (LMS)

  • Blueprint for success - proven scripts & templates to use

  • Advanced prospecting automation tools & softwares

  • Gain access to our 250 million decision-makers database

Hire your high performance 

remote sales team now.