Sales Development Representative.

Why You Need A SDR

A sales development representative (SDR) is an inside sales representative that focuses on prospecting, lead qualification & closing deals. SDRs don’t just focus on closing deals, but connecting with as many leads as possible and determining if they’re good fit.

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Roles of SDR

Sales Development Representatives are inside sales representatives who focus solely on sales prospecting. Unlike sales executives (quota-carrying salespeople) who close new deals, SDRs reach out to new leads, qualify them and push them further down the sales funnel.

  • Research, identify and prospect for new customers

  • Reach out to and follow up on potential leads

  • Develop sales strategies to draw in new buyers

  • Setup quality meetings and appointments

Why You Need A SDR Team

How having a sales development representative benefits your business

Increase growth & sales

With specific sales representatives to handle prospecting, you not only have a well-defined sales process but also a fast moving pipeline, clear of junk and dead deals.

Increase productivity

SDRs unburden sales executives from prospecting, allowing them to solely focus on closing deals, thereby saving time and increasing their productivity.

Increase scalability

Access talents from the global job market, hiring at a fraction of the cost. This allow high scalability for business growth & will increase your revenue.

Benefits of a Remote SDR

Work with a Sales Development Representative to hunt for prospects and supercharge your sales.

  • Reduced costs: Save up to 80% of your hiring cost & eliminate office expense.

  • Upscale your business: Extend your service hours to provide seamless support to your customers at any time of day

  • Highly driven employees: Drive motivation through attractive commission schemes. 

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