Create front-end offers to attract decision-makers with Budget & Authority.

Offer Re-Design

A great offer can convert 10x more leads. 

We work with your sales team to develop offers that attract buyers with budget & authority while repelling time-wasters.

Cut Through

the Market Noise

The marketplace is noisy. Marketers and prospectors are all over the place, running ads or trying to build relationships. Many prospectors fail to understand that decision-makers value one thing above everything else.
They value their time over their money.

Time, Speed,
Offers and Results

Descension Prospecting Messaging (DPM) framework incorporates the value of Time and Speed into your offer. We descend clear offers and results to expect, while ensuring the message elicit a Yes or No response.

We help your business to create
6 unfair advantages with our offer re-design.

Increase Response Rate

Get More Sales Meetings

Set Expectations right with your Offers upfront

​Enhance Clarity of your

Sales Offer

Connect with Decision-Makers
and Attract more Buyers

Reduce low-quality Leads and Time-Wasters

Having the right offer is the fundamental of sales success.

Let us help you re-design your sales offer today.