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Made for sales team, by sales team.

In the last decade, our founding company Invesso and it's subsidiary brands have been transiting through the internet marketing world, as well as the shift in sales team behaviors. We have always wanted to build up a large sales team, but the biggest problems had always been the cost of hiring local talent, as well as the sales team's reluctancy to perform consistent sales prospecting.

500K Network

We have a network of over 500,000 remote sales talents.

30 Countries

We have served clients from over 30 countries.

1500+ Talents

We have placed over 1000+ talents in 30 countries.

200+ Clients

We have served over 200 clients in less than a year. 

How the story begins.

After dealing with the sales team and close working relationship with thousands of our clients, we have spotted a gap in the Sales market. 


It would be costly & difficult to manage a large local sales team, and that it would pose a huge risk for the business during the low periods. We needed a sales team that is low in cost to maintain, but extremely hungry for sales and commission. We would also need to build system & tools designed to help the sales team to automate the entire prospecting process so as to set up sales appointments easily. was launched in 2018 to help businesses around the world to build a high-performance remote sales team that are trained with technology-driven prospecting capabilities to be independent & successful.

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