Remote sales team that does better.

Build a remote team like none others. We hire the best talents & provide them with the best lead generation tool.

The team that does more with less

Imagine a sales team that is a fraction of your cost but does more virtual meetings than your local team.

  • Remote Talent Hub

    Traditional agency recruitment is bloated and inefficient. Hire the best remote sales talent from our network of over 500,000 candidates around the world. 

  • Prospecting Specialist

    All remote sales team talents will undergo our sales prospecting training and will be equipped with our proprietary prospecting tools that is designed to get you 10x more virtual meetings!

  • Sales Excellence

    Our remote sales team programme will ensure that you are able to manage leads, track communications, monitor performance, digitalize sales processes.  

  • Fraction Of The Cost

    We will help you build a remote sales team that cost significantly lower than a local sales team. In most cases, you are expected to save up to 80% of your wages!

Hire fast, hire right.

Meet Alfred, a Sales Development Representative in a SAAS company.

Alfred is a Sales Development Representative who is working remotely for a SAAS company. He is helping the company to prospect for target audience who are decision-makers, using his prospecting automation tools.

  • 4-6 virtual meetings/day

    Alfred is able to set up up 4-6 virtual meetings everyday all by himself, using tools provided.

  • Remote Sales Tracking

    Alfred updates his leads, sales pipelines & email communications to a sales system.

  • Fraction of the cost.

    Alfred cost approximately 80% lesser than his company's local sales team.

Hire your high performance remote sales team now.

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